Unless stipulated by customer repair only, all motors received by Comlec Units are subject to the following criteria:

The unit is fully dismantled.
All parts (where applicable) are chemically cleaned.
All castings are cleaned back to bare metal, shot blasted or wire brushed and then examined for wear, cracks, and other non-conformity's liable to cause premature failure.
The field coils are inspected, and if found to be electrically good, are completely re-insulated.
The armature is cleaned, inspected electrically and then checked for run-out and bearing surfaces. Any defects are corrected. The armature is then re-soldered (as required), re-insulated, skimmed, undercut & tested. If the armature passes our stringent testing, it is reused.
All running gear ( Brushes,Bearings,Oil seals etc.) are 100% replacement items.
All motors are built to the same specification, using the above procedures, according to one of the below 3 categories:


Service Clean
Service Exchange

All categories carry a 12 month warranty unless otherwise specified by the customer and are explained further below:

Service Clean

A service clean can be undertaken when no major items require replacement (E.g Field Coils or Armature). The customers original unit is completely refurbished according to the operations detailed above.


A Rebuild is undertaken when it becomes obvious that the customers original unit is too badly damaged for a service clean. A complete refurbishment as detailed above is carried out, together with field coil and/or armature refurbishment or replacement.

Service Exchange

A fully re-manufactured unit is supplied, and an old unit is required in part exchange. If no old unit is returned within a

reasonable time,the full price of a New  unit will be levied.

In addition to these services, we also offer the following:

Emergency Repair

This service covers minor undertakings of work such as re-splines or bearing replacement. Most repairs are undertaken while the customer waits. There is a £95.00 G.B.P minimum charge for an emergency repair.

We can supply, repair or re-manufacture virtually any DC or AC Pump Motor, Drive Motor, Steer Motor or Starter Motor (as well as alternator or gearbox)  made.

Please contact us if you require any further information.